Welcome to the Pool Place

Hi, I’m Harry. Since I’m the man responsible for transforming your life with a pool, I reckon you should know who I am. So here’s a bit about me and The Pool Place.

I’ve been in trades my whole working life and always made a point of speaking directly with my clients. After talking to a number of swimming pool owners, i realised that there was a real need for a swimming pool builder/installer, to make quality swimming pools accessible to everyone… and so The Pool Place was born!

What makes us different?

The difference at The Pool Place is that I’m a licensed builder, and I’m as serious about my trade as I am about my business. Being a licensed builder means that it’s my license and my reputation on the line. I believe that’s how it should be. With The Pool Place, the owner of the company (that’s me) comes to your site, not a “relationship manager”. Unlike other pool companies, we don’t sub-contract the work out to non-licensed people so no confusing middlemen. The buck stops with me and I don’t walk away from your job until I know that it’s done properly and that you’re ready to enjoy your new swimming pool.

Oh, and no pushy sales people either. Our pools and our pricing speak for themselves. Let me explain how.


Fixed Prices. No hidden extras.

Buying a pool can be confusing and needlessly expensive. It shouldn’t be. That’s why the quote we give you is a FIXED PRICE with NO HIDDEN EXTRAS. I’ve seen people install a pool and walk away, leaving the clients to discover the hard way that they’re missing vital “extras”. I wouldn’t want that to happen to me so I won’t do it. We’ll leave you fully set up and ready to enjoy your swimming pool. No fixed price. No hidden extras. No drama.

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