Dolphin Pool Cleaner

Embrace the future with your very own time, money and labour saving robot! The Dolphin Swash CL represents a breakthrough in pool cleaning technology. It scrubs and vacuums the entire pool surface – floor, walls, steps – all the way to the waterline, leaving you time to fire up the BBQ or work on your tan. Even better, this Dolphin is environmentally friendly by better dispersing the pool chemicals in the water with its powerful motors, allowing you to use fewer chemicals.

It also saves up to 50% of electricity costs by having its own microfilter system, rather than relying on the pool’s filtration. It will also lengthen the life of your pump and filter equipment as it scrubs, sweeps, vacuums and filters dirt and debris into its own self-contained machine washable filter bag and not the pool’s filter. With its self-learning scanning programme, exclusive corner cleaning movement and wall-climbing abilities, The Dolphin takes less than a few hours to clean your pool, won’t ask for a break or crack onto your girlfriend. No wonder pool owners become so attached to their Dolphins!