The installation of your swimming pool happens in 9 easy stages. With a fibreglass swimming pool we can complete the whole process in 7 days. Yup, your life could be transformed by next weekend…

Step 1: The Pool Place will submit a layout plan and obtain council approval.

Step 2: The hole is carefully excavated and the base prepared and levelled.

Step 3: Your fibreglass pool is lowered into position (even tight and difficult access is not a problem).

Step 4: The pool is accurately positioned and the plumbing connected.

Step 5: The fibreglass pool is back filled and washed in with the appropriate aggregate, treated with cement.

Step 6: We fill the fibreglass swimming pool with water prior to testing and balancing.

Step 7: A concrete reinforced bond beam is poured around the pool to lock it firmly in place, and to provide a surface for laying the paver surround.

Step 8: Invite your friends over for a barbecue and show off your new swimming pool.

Step 9: Wake up, step outside and realise you weren’t dreaming, you really do have your own spectacular swimming pool. Dive in and feel totally rejuvenated.

With The Pool Place, it really is that simple. The strongest, most durable pool construction money can buy with the fastest, most dependable distribution and installation procedures in Australia. All you need to do is add fun.