Fibreglass Lap Pool


With one of these slimline fibreglass swimming pools you need never schlep to the gym again.

Swimming has long been recognised as one of the best forms of exercise you can do, both physical and psychological. In fact ancient Greeks and Romans built swimming pools to exercise in. And unlike jogging it strengthens your heart, lungs and muscles without adversely affecting your joints. Better yet, you can exercise, shower and change in your own home. No wonder Lap Pools are such a popular alternative to gym memberships.

Design features of this swimming pool include wide entry/exit steps that are recessed away from the actual swimming area. A safety step ledge that runs along the bottom perimeter of the pool provides kids and smaller swimmers a place to rest when they need it. A uniformly flat bottom allows you to safely perform freestyle flip turns at both ends.

The beauty of this particular swimming pool is that its narrower shape allows it to be positioned in more spaces than other pools and with underwater lights installed creates a stunning backdrop to your property.

Ideal for a morning warm-up, afternoon cool-down or private plunge in the evening, your own Lap Pool puts the fun back into fitness.


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