Monaco Fibreglass Pool


With its clean and classy lines, you’ll look right at home enjoying a champagne breakfast by The Monaco swimming pool.

As with The Majestic, this elegant fibreglass pool features an open length swimming area – ideal for lap lovers and pool parties. The difference here is that The Monaco’s ‘swim-out’ area is set back from the pool itself, leaving an uninterrupted space for swimmers and elongated seating along one side; brilliant for socialising in and around the pool.

Features it does share with The Majestic include an “easy step” for getting out of the pool in the style of James Bond or Halle Berry, non-slip surfaces and a ‘safety step ledge’ that runs around the bottom perimeter of the swimming pool in case smaller swimmers need to rest at any time.
Accessorising The Monaco is a cinch too. To really accentuate its sharp lines, use light coloured tiles around the pool area and select from a choice of beautiful ‘shimmer finish’ colours in the pool itself.

Beauty isn’t merely skin deep with The Monaco. Our fibreglass pool construction is the best in Australia so all of our swimming pools come with 25 year structural warranties.

Luxury that lasts? It might be time to pop that champagne.


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Monaco Fibreglass Swimming Pool Dimensions