Oyster Fibreglass Pool


Get that resort hotel feeling in the comfort of your own home with an Oyster swimming pool.

The relaxed, playful contours of the Oyster add an exotic touch that’s a dream to landscape around and versatile enough to fit into many spaces. Its free-form design will often fit perfectly into an area that a more conventional design, with jutting corners, will not.

Large steps allow easy access to and from the water while generous seating means there’s plenty of space for socialising in your private lagoon. Should cocktails be flowing at any of your parties you can rest assured that the seats, steps and pool floor all feature non-slip surfaces.

The flowing lines of the Oyster swimming pool encourage a more natural range of landscaping options too, such as waterfalls, rockeries and tropical plants. Add water features, spa jets and seductive lighting and you could be on holiday all year round. Choose a shimmering Indigo, Pacific or Royal Jade Gel coat finish and say hello to your very own lagoon experience.

Available in a range of sizes and boasting the strongest, hardest wearing fibreglass swimming pool construction in Australia, the Oyster is your passport to stress-free living all year round.


Colour Range


Oyster Fibreglass Swimming Pool Dimensions