Romano Fibreglass Pool


The ancient Romans knew a thing or two about swimming pools. As well as building the first heated pool and inventing synchronized swimming they also designed a shape of pool that is still a favourite today.

In a Roman Pool, the rectangular shape of the swimming pool is extended at each end by a centrally positioned swim-out and seating area which doesn’t disturb the main swimming space. Like all design classics, brilliant in its simplicity.

Of course, the Romans didn’t have the luxury our customers have of non-slip surfacing and a choice of shimmering Gel coat finishes. But as a swimming pool design, The Roman is a case of, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

Not that you’ll ever need to.

Our fibreglass swimming pool construction is the best you can buy, assembled in the largest, most sophisticated plant of its type anywhere in the world. Using class-leading techniques, each pool shell possesses very high tensile strength that lets it flex without cracking to accommodate earth movement. Even demanding Roman emperors would have given that a thumbs-up, not to mention an astonishing 7 day installation from issue of permit (no slaves involved).

Enjoy the romance of the Mediterranean every night with the use of magical lighting in your own Roman swimming pool Melbourne style. Classic design with modern refinement even the Romans would salute.

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