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Hi, I’m Harry. Since I’m the man responsible for transforming your life with a pool, I reckon you should know who I am. So here’s a bit about me and The Pool Place.

I’ve been in trades my whole working life and always made a point of speaking directly with my clients. After talking to a number of swimming pool owners, i realised that there was a real need for a swimming pool builder/installer, to make quality swimming pools accessible to everyone… and so The Pool Place was born!

What makes us different?

The difference at The Pool Place is that I’m a licensed builder, and I’m as serious about my trade as I am about my business. Being a licensed builder means that it’s my license and my reputation on the line. I believe that’s how it should be. With The Pool Place, the owner of the company (that’s me) comes to your site, not a “relationship manager”. Unlike other pool companies, we don’t sub-contract the work out to non-licensed people so no confusing middlemen. The buck stops with me and I don’t walk away from your job until I know that it’s done properly and that you’re ready to enjoy your new swimming pool.

Oh, and no pushy sales people either. Our pools and our pricing speak for themselves. Let me explain how.

Fixed Prices. No hidden extras.

Buying a pool can be confusing and needlessly expensive. It shouldn’t be. That’s why the quote we give you is a FIXED PRICE with NO HIDDEN EXTRAS. I’ve seen people install a pool and walk away, leaving the clients to discover the hard way that they’re missing vital “extras”. I wouldn’t want that to happen to me so I won’t do it. We’ll leave you fully set up and ready to enjoy your swimming pool. No fixed price. No hidden extras. No drama.


The Swimming Pool Builder with More.

Some companies install pools and some build them. We do both. So whichever way you go, concrete or fibreglass, our depth of experience shines through everything we do.  When choosing a swimming pool you can go two ways: Concrete or fibreglass. A custom concrete pool takes up to six months to design and build where a fibreglass pool can be installed within a week from when you receive your permits (which can take up to 6 weeks to organise).

I’ll go into greater depth about concrete and fibreglass pools later. For now, a quick word about quality.

As a tradie myself, I care about the quality of materials I’m working with. That’s why I will only provide you with the highest quality product and service. We wont simply sell you any pool. As it’s my business, and it’s me you’ll be looking in the eye, you’ll get the same quality pool I insisted on for my own home. That’s why I decided long ago to license and supply only Barrier Reef Pools; the largest manufacturer of fibreglass in-ground swimming pools in Australia.

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A Fibreglass Pool Backed by the Worlds Best Swimming Pools by Barrier Reef Pools.

Barrier Reef Pools have been in business since 1984 and their manufacturing facility is the largest, most sophisticated plant of its type anywhere in the world. Set over two climate-controlled plants, they produce pre-cured pool shells with a very high tensile strength so each pool will flex with almost any earth movement. Fibreglass pools have come a long way over the years and that’s largely down to Barrier Reef Pools who pour a lot of money back into research and development every year, resulting in the best choice and the best quality. For example, Barrier Reef fibreglass pools exceed all Australian and world standards for thickness, being 12mm thick as opposed to the standard 10mm. It might not sound like much but it means less risk of structural warp which, in turn, means a Barrier Reef swimming pool can be deeper than most other pools. In short, they’re the best fibreglass pools in Australia. Plus, no cheap imports: They’re 100% made in Australia and come with a 25 year structural warranty and a 7 year workmanship guarantee. When it comes to selling and installing fibreglass pools, I wouldn’t put my name to any old pool. The icing on the cake is that with Barrier Reef Pools’ production and distribution muscle, a top-quality fibreglass pool can be manufactured with the finish you want and delivered for us to install in around 7 days or less (from issue of permit).

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Fibreglass Pool Colours, Finishes and Swimming Pool Equiment.

Finally, it’s just a matter of making those finishing touches. You can choose from nine beautiful shimmering finishes to give your pool a variety of looks. LED lighting can transform your property at night, and then you have a range of pool accessories and relaxing features available to choose from as well.

DID YOU KNOW… A gel coat finish is often the outer layer used on a marine or aircraft and provides resistance to ultraviolet degradation and hydrolysis.


Custom Concrete Swimming Pool Builder.

If you have something more unique in mind we also design and build concrete pools. With concrete the whole process takes longer but it allows you to create a swimming pool that’s completely tailored to suit your taste. It can also be custom-built to fit into an awkward space where a pre-existing fibreglass pool might not. Interesting pool shapes, built-in sculpted seating and swim-out areas, attached spas and plunge pools, water features and fountains, infinity and wet edges; the list goes on. We can work with you to create an incredible swimming pool and then build it to a standard that will last, following the correct legislation and safety procedures from start to finish.

But before you dive in, you should explore The Pool Place for yourself. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call and i’ll gladly introduce myself to you. We don’t just build and install the best quality fibreglass and concrete swimming pools and spas, we do it at a price that everyone can afford.

All the best,



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