Solar Pool Heating

Get the most out of your pool by harnessing the power of your sun. Heatseeker Plus Solar Heating can increase the temperature of your pool by 10 degrees Celsius, allowing you to maximise the use of your pool throughout the year. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of having your pool warmed for early mornings, late evenings and the months either side of summer, but solar pool heating is energy and cost efficient too.

Swimming pools can be the biggest users of energy in your home if they are heated with gas or electric heat pumps but the increasing cost of burning fossil fuels to warm your pool is completely eliminated by using free energy from the sun. Solar also provides guilt-free fun all year round as there are zero greenhouse gas emissions and is therefore pollution free. The clever Heatseeker system simply circulates your pool’s water through a series of tubes which are heated by the sun and then returned to the pool, making this system inexpensive to operate and quicker at heating water. Get more fun in the sun with no harm done using a Heatseeker Plus Solar Pool Heating system.