Stress? What stress? Relax into a luxurious spa and feel your worries massaged away by jets of warm water and millions of soothing bubbles.

It’s believed that the Egyptians used baths for therapeutic purposes as far back as 2000 B.C., but even Cleopatra would be impressed at our range. Available in a selection of shapes, sizes and shimmering colours, we have a spa to suit every backyard and budget. Simply choose the sort of design you’re looking for – oval, horse-shoe, or pool spa / swim-spa – and we can guide you through a range of exciting landscaping options and features such as waterfalls and LED lighting, or help you create a pool spa setup. And since your spa comes from the most sophisticated manufacturing facility of its type in the world, it boasts the same world-beating build quality as our famous swimming pool construction so you’re guaranteed to be sitting in the best all-Australian spa that money can buy: Just one more reason why stress can take a holiday.

Incredible for unwinding on your own, a romantic evening under the stars or partying with a group, you’ll feel a million miles away in your own back yard in one of our spas.


Spa and Swim Spa Dimensions